Britain First, the far-right anti-Muslim group retweeted by Trump

The Twitter account of US President Donald Trump on Wednesday retweeted three inflammatory videos posted by the deputy leader of the UK far-right group Britain First. Here's what we know about it.

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Trump is a "purveyor of hate," says husband of murdered British MP

Brendan Cox, the husband of slain British lawmaker Jo Cox, said Wednesday that President Donald Trump has "become a purveyor of hate" after retweeting three anti-Muslim videos from a British far-ri...

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May says Trump was 'wrong' to share anti-Muslim videos

The relationship between Britain and the US was under strain after President Donald Trump publicly rebuked Prime Minister Theresa May.

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Trump, Putin and Macron would all like to see Merkel go

Angela Merkel, Germany's iron chancellor, is in trouble -- and by extension, so is much of the European Union, writes David Andelman.

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Merkel: New elections a 'better path' than minority government

Fresh elections in Germany appeared increasingly likely Monday after Angela Merkel announced that she preferred a new vote over governing without a majority.

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In photos: The life and career of Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel, Germany's first female Chancellor, has been in office since 2005.

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26 young Nigerian migrant women laid to rest in Italy

Twenty-six matching coffins for the mostly nameless victims of the latest Mediterranean migrant disaster were lined up in two rows a cemetery in Italy on Friday.

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Protesters gather outside Libyan Embassy after CNN report on migrant auctions

Protesters gathered outside the Libyan Embassy in central Paris following an exclusive CNN investigation into migrant auctions in Libya.

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Pogba highlights Libya slavery after Man Utd goal

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba dedicated his first goal on Saturday to migrants sold into slavery in Libya.

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Russia casts latest UN veto, blocking probe on Syria chemical weapons

Russia vetoed Friday night a last-gasp UN resolution to extend the mandate of the international inspections of chemical weapons use in Syria.

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Lewis Hamilton: Mental strength was key to beating Vettel to title

Even by his high standards, 2017 has been a remarkable year for Lewis Hamilton.

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